Ankle Sprains Part 1

Ankle Sprains Part 1 Ankle sprains are one of the more common injuries sustained in sports and recreational activities which involve running or walking.

It is estimated that ankle sprains make up approximately 25% of all injuries while performing these activities. In the United States a 2010 a study found that 2.15 of every 1000 people sustained lateral ankle sprains. The financial cost of these injuries were estimated at 2 Billion US Dollars in that period.

The ATFL ligament, which is on the lateral outside of your ankle, has an injury incident of around 85%. Most sprains occur when we turn our ankle “in” causing swelling, pain and bruising in varying degrees. Other structures in the ankle, foot and lower leg can also be involved.

Three grades of “tears” may occur; Grade 1 being the mildest tear, while Grade 3 the most severe. Fractures may also occur in severe cases.

Treatment, recovery and RTP (“return to play”) will differ according to the specific diagnosis and treatment.

The first treatment approach is PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). There is a greater risk of re-injury in the first year of recovery, especially if the ankle is not adequately rehabilitate after injury.

There are preventative exercises that are simple and easy to perform which may help prevent ankle injuries.

In the coming articles we will discuss these and more.

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