SASKO Good Sport – October 2017

Our SASKO Sport Elizabeth Good Sport Initiative for this month comes out in support of Youth Cricket Academy. Based at the Heatherbank grounds, this organization run by Glenn Bester has taken the under-13 team of township school Lower Walmer Primary under its’ wing. Youth Cricket Academy not only provide free coaching to the team but also do their best to secure cricket kit and equipment for them. This is where our SASKO Sport Elizabeth Good Sport initiative for October comes in. Upon hearing that Glenn was looking for support in buying quality white cricket shorts for the Lower Walmer Primary under-13 cricket team, we volunteered assistance which he was only too happy to accept.

“We’re passionate about cricket at Youth Cricket Academy and about passing on our love of the game to youngsters. With Walmer Township just across the road from us it seemed natural to adopt a team from there. Cricket does require some specialist, and sometimes pricey, equipment though so we do our best to assist with that as well as provide the team with coaching. Over and above that I am now also trying to get some good uniform white shorts for the players to wear as it’s a bit mix-and-match at the moment. I really appreciate the help you guys are providing there,” said Glenn

“Only a pleasure! You always wish you could do more in a situation like this but if we all do what is within our power then big change becomes possible, “said Sport Elizabeth editor Daron Mann.
Each month the SASKO Sport Elizabeth Good Sport initiative endeavours to provide nominal assistance to a reader or team who requires a little financial help in order to attain a sporting or cultural objective. It’s an initiative of tiny, rather than extravagant gestures: “Financial reality means we aren’t able to make large contributions but it’s as much about the gesture as it is about the amount. We’re talking about an unplanned sports tour or surprise kit replacement or repair, for example. Times are tough for most people at the moment and we hate hearing about youngsters who have to miss out or go without because of financial constraints,” said Daron

He also again paid tribute to SASKO for their role in Good Sport. “It’s their generosity that allows us to do this. It’s a great company that has a long history of supporting local charities and it means a lot to us to have them as our partners in this venture, “he said.

If you would like to nominate someone for (a little!) assistance from our Sport Elizabeth/SASKO Good Sport initiative then please email details to

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